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We have significant experience working with arts and entertainment projects. Our project experience includes cultural buildings such as theatres, auditoria, cinemas, and supporting spaces. We have completed more than 60 new theatres including the RSC Courtyard Theatre, 15 listed theatre conversions, several music schools, and many other auditoria and cinemas. We have a unique understanding of the needs of clients, performers, technical staff, and audiences.

The acoustic brief varies massively across arts projects based on size, location, and budget among other things. We work with clients and design teams to refine the brief and if necessary carrying out auralisations at our 3D studio in Brixton to allow them to subjectively appreciate the implications of particular design targets. This is most prevalent for the demonstration of incoming noise from the adjacent rail, road, and air traffic which informs the designers of possible building structure isolation.

The demonstration of music, speech, and drama within critical spaces helps the designer achieve the intended room acoustic strategy.

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“..It’s a joy to play in the wonderful Cedars Hall (now the Eavis Hall) where there’s such a marvelous combination of clarity and warmth in the sound. If a hall is an extension of a musical instrument, its acoustics a continuing, sympathetic sounding-board, then Cedars Hall is a Stradivarius”.

Stephen Hough, Pianist, May 2020

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