Christ Church Highbury

Jesus College Lecture Theatre GS Acoustics

▷ Year: 2020
▷ Location: London, UK
▷ Client: Christ Church Highbury
▷ Architect: Matthew Lloyd Architects LLP

This new single-storey community centre at Christ Church Highbury, London, will provide flexible meeting and community space, a café and a public facing Church office, allowing the Church to better serve the local community by offering flexibility and space for groups to meet, as well as for Church activities. The Hall will provide a wide range of activities such as music lessons/rehearsals, meetings, one o’clock club, meditation activities, Church activities. The proposed building will be located in the garden of the Grade II listed church.

GSAD carried out acoustic design of the community space. The main acoustic challenge in the semi-circular room is to reduce unwanted reflections/focussing. CATT acoustic modelling was used and GSAD proposed to vertically angle the external wall upwards and have the ceiling absorbent around the perimeter of the room to allow reflections to be directed towards the ceiling and be absorbed.

GSAD also advised on the acoustic rating of partitions, doors and internal glazed screens with associated build-up, as well as internal noise criteria from mechanical services.