Dominion Theatre

Dominion Theatre outside

▷ Year: 2019
▷ Location: London, UK
▷ Client: Dominion Theatre
▷ Architect: N/A

GSAD have been commissioned to recommend improvement to the external façade of the main rehearsal studio at Dominion Theatre, London, as complaints have been raised about external noise break-in coming from road traffic, demolition/construction noise from nearby sites and music played at high level by street artists being audible and interfering with the rehearsing activities.

An acoustic survey has been carried out to assess the existing background noise levels in the Studio with mechanical ventilation on and off, the sound pressure level of the most disturbing source i.e. music, the break- in noise levels in the Studio when street artists are playing and the acoustic separation of the existing facade.

Recommendations have been provided to introduce secondary glazing to improve the façade sound insulation and ensure suitable background noise for activities taking place in the Studio.