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GS Acoustic Design offer a full range of acoustic services for schools, music schools, colleges, universities, research departments including classrooms, seminar rooms, lecture theatres, multi-purpose halls, music rooms, dining rooms, ancillary spaces (offices, meeting rooms) and etc.

Education and research projects often require a wide range of acoustic consideration, such as sound insulation (airborne and impact) within the building (through walls and floors), reverberation time to create an adequate environment for teaching and learning, background noise levels from mechanical services and from environmental noise (road/air/rail traffic) break in to the school. Higher standards are required for schools or classrooms specifically designed for children with special hearing or communication needs.

BB93 sets out acoustic performance standards and applies to new and existing schools when it comes to acoustic design.  Although BB93 does not cover sixth-form colleges, universities and colleges of further education, we use BB93 as a guidance where deemed appropriate. BREEAM also refers to compliance with BB93 as a means of attaining specific BREEAM credits, which is then verified by site sound testing.

Noise impact to the surrounding properties often needs to be considered, including noise from new mechanical plant and activity noise (e.g. playground, music, sports). A noise impact assessment may be required as part of planning approval.

We have an extensive experience with schools, colleges and universities, working closely with the architects or contractors to design the best possible acoustics for each project within the site constraints and budget available.

Our recent projects include

  • the new Anna Freud Centre in London;
  • the American School in London’s new Art Building;
  • Newland House School in Twickenham;
  • Brighton College of Music.

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Recent Projects

Kingsgate School Project by GS Acoustic Design London Acoustic and Noise Consultants