With the explosion in the gym and exercise franchise sectors, increasingly complex sites are being used to locate new gyms. As gyms are more often being located in densely populated residential areas, several issues arise that we can help resolve with Acoustic Consulting, advice and guidance.

Noise from the dropping of weights, throwing of medicine balls and exercise classes transfers through the building structure and causes disturbance to adjacent building users. In the case of gyms located directly adjacent to residential units, structure borne noise can cause significant impact if not sufficiently mitigated. As every building is different we, as standard procedure, carry out site tests prior to any works taking place, and typically prior to a lease being signed, to drop weights in the proposed gym and measure noise levels within adjacent spaces. This allows us to specify mitigation within the gym floor build-up in order to reduce noise to acceptable levels. We have experience carrying out tests with several key gym flooring suppliers and work with gym operators to find the most cost effective solution.

Activity noise from exercise classes and sound systems can propagate through walls to adjacent spaces and cause disturbance if not considered in advance. We provide sound insulation testing to determine noise limits within gyms and advise the operator if any sound insulation upgrades are required. In the most extreme cases, box-in-box isolated construction is required. We have significant experience in the design and commissioning of this type construction.

In the opening of a new gym, a noise impact assessment report is typically required to be submitted to the local authority. As part of this, any new items of external plant require an assessment to demonstrate minimal impact to the existing environment. We submit such reports on a weekly basis and have experience in all London boroughs and nationwide. Further information on noise impact assessments is contained here.

We have worked on 40+ gyms and exercise franchises in the past two years and would be happy to provide an initial consultation and fee proposal to any prospective operators.

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