Offices are an ever-changing market with the advent of open-plan offices, video conferencing, and supermodular office rental franchises.

A key consideration in office buildings and office spaces is room acoustics and overall building acoustic design. In open-plan offices, for example, targets are set out by organisations such as the British Council for Offices (BCO) to reduce reverberation times and maximise privacy between desk clusters. As acoustic design consultants, we provide on-site measurements of reverberation time, background noise levels, and Speech Transmission Index (STI) and carry out acoustic modelling to inform the design and provide evidence of compliance.

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Acoustic Privacy

Acoustic privacy between spaces is determined by a combination of sound insulation and background noise levels. We have a range of tools and standard constructions to design partitions to meet any brief and ensure sufficient sound insulation is realised.

We typically work with mechanical and electrical engineers to specify ventilation systems that provide just enough noise to mask unwanted conversations but not be overbearing. It’s common for synthetic noise masking systems to be retrofitted in offices where a suitable noise level was not achieved. We pride ourselves in informing the design team of these implications, and demonstrating with an auralisation if required, to avoid any future unnecessary corrective actions.

There are many more room acoustics design considerations in the design of offices. We would be happy to provide a fee proposal and scope for any project.

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