In worship buildings, we not only work on new build projects but often provide acoustically and noise consulting and advise on alterations to existing buildings where an all-encompassing approach to building acoustic design must be taken, as well as individual room acoustics if the acoustics are to be preserved or improved.

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Churches and cathedrals have built a reputation for fantastic acoustics over the past centuries. When renovations or any other changes take place, it is critical to ensure nothing is lost! We take detailed site measurements of the existing acoustics, construct a computational acoustic model which is matched to the measurements, then advise on room geometry and finishes required to maintain the acoustic. We then provide a demonstration proposal with auralisation at our 3D studio in Brixton to allow stakeholders to subjectively appreciate the implications of particular design elements.

With improvements in loudspeaker and audio technology coupled with the demand for better sound in worship spaces, we often provide the technical specification for new PA systems. This involves the same procedures as above and results in a bespoke specification tailored to the uses and acoustic of the space which can be provided to manufacturers for bid requests. We review proposals against our specifications to ensure the chosen systems can deliver the brief and minimise any unnecessary corrective actions.

We have a great amount of experience working with worship projects lending to all faiths and would be happy to provide an initial consultation and fee proposal on any new project.

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