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Large public buildings such as town halls, civic centres and museums come with a complex set of challenges. There is typically a huge range of building users with different knowledge of the building layout, different purposes for visiting and coming from different backgrounds. The acoustic brief of such buildings must be inclusive of all users.

Overall Building Acoustics, Room acoustics and PA systems must be optimised to allow building users to navigate what may be a very unfamiliar place to them. Good acoustic design is a catalyst for excellent communication for all building users whether they are tour guides to visitors in a museum or a member of the public speaking to a receptionist in a town hall.

It is common for a wide range of uses to be combined into close proximity. Uses may be an open plan office space located next to an atrium with visitors to a museum. We provide Advanced Acoustic Modelling to determine noise transmission between areas and design solutions to minimise the impact to sensitive spaces. Sometimes it is preferred to showcase a building’s different uses in which case, the opposite may be done.

With potentially sensitive spaces located near each other, background noise from mechanical services, break-in noise from outside, and sound insulation are all major factors in delivering a building design that works for all the users.

We have tremendous experience with the design of public buildings and would be happy to provide an initial consultation and fee proposal on any new project.

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