The current residential market has wide-ranging design considerations across affordable housing, student accommodation, commercial to residential conversion, large blocks of flats, and luxury housing. We have experience in all of these areas and work to design the following key elements in line with the specific brief of the projects.

Sound insulation between residential dwellings is a key consideration. The building regulations (Part E) set out minimum requirements for sound insulation between dwellings and internally. We provide advice for the upgrade of existing walls and floor or new build constructions.

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Acoustic Test

Change from carpet to timber floor finishes is a common challenge that we are asked to assist with, particularly in older flats. It is common for building management to request an acoustic test before and after the change to demonstrate the impact of sound performance has not been degraded. We assist on these projects regularly and do all testing in-house, then provide input on the floor design in order to achieve design targets. We have relationships with building management to review acoustic reports from landlords carrying out these works.

External noise

Minimising external noise in dwellings is another key consideration. We carry out environmental noise surveys to determine the sound impact on a building from air, rail, or road traffic and other sources, then assist in the design of facades to attenuate this noise to levels conducive to rest and sleep within dwellings. In some cases, we will construct a noise mapping model to define facade sound insulation targets at individual windows and openings.

We provide advice on the design of ventilation, heating, cooling strategies to minimise noise within dwellings. This includes the specification of attenuation, trickle ventilation, and natural ventilation.

Any new items of external plant require an assessment to demonstrate minimal impact to the existing environment. We submit such reports on a weekly basis and have experience in all London boroughs and nationwide. We offer noise impact assessments, which you can find out more about here.

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