Ripon Chapel

Acoustic Consultant For Places Of Worship GS Acoustic Design Consultants London

▷ Year: 2013
▷ Location: Oxford, UK
▷ Client: Ripon Chapel
▷ Architect: Niall Mclaughlin Architects

The College has around 150 students training for ordained ministry in the Anglican Church and a growing number preparing for Reader, Pioneer and a variety of lay ministries. It is the largest provider of ordination training in the UK, and has trained a third of current Bishops, Deans and Archdeacons in the Church of England. Our strength today comes from the acceptance of diversity and we have students from across the breadth of church traditions. We are a place where the ministry of women has been deeply appreciated and today women make up about half the residential student body. It is a place where people seek to learn from one another in an environment of open theological exploration underpinned by the life of prayer. With its many new developments in research and teaching, the College continues to be at the forefront of theological education today, responding to the changing needs of the church and the world.