Acoustic Simulation Through Auralisation

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Advanced Acoustic Simulation Through Auralisation

Auralisation is the auditory equivalent of visualisation. For over 20 years, we have offered the ability to listen to spaces before they are built, hear the effect of different design options and compare them with precedents.

Auralisations start with the production of detailed computer modelling of acoustics discussed here. We can then export the acoustic signature (impulse response) of a room in 3D (b-format) and apply this to any anechoic audio.

Our purposely-built 3D studio in Brixton was first opened in the 1990s, and has been refurbished several times since, in order to reproduce 3D sound fields. The room has a hemispherical array of professional loudspeakers to envelop the occupants. The studio also operates as a working recording studio when not being used for auralisations. More information can be found here. With three rings of loudspeakers around the listener at various elevations (8-4-4) and several subwoofers, we conduct auralisations using custom software built within Ableton Live / Max MSP incorporating a bespoke ambisonics decoder which has been optimised for this room.

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Acoustic Performance Simulation for Arts, Entertainment & Industry

It is possible for a client to hear what a sound source on stage will sound like in different seats in different acoustical conditions. i.e. Musical, Drama, Opera etc. This gives both us and the client great insight into the expected performance of any given space. This can be applied to any other type of project and there is not a room we would not be able to demonstrate.

In addition to room acoustics, we also auralise sound insulation and vibration transmission into buildings with and without isolation to give the client a better understanding of noise design targets and the implications of meeting them.

When not working on auralisations, our staff enjoy creating soundscapes, writing musical compositions in 3D and contributing to the sound design of art installations.

“We enjoyed getting to better understanding the dark art of acoustics as well as being given a sample of how the building will perform in their sample room, amazing”

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