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Noise Impact Assessments & Environmental Impact Assessments

When any new sources of noise are introduced to the external environment, a report is usually required by the local authority to demonstrate that this will not cause an impact on the existing surroundings. This may be from plant noise such as a new air conditioning unit or entertainment noise such as a new music venue. Particularly in densely populated cities, residential accommodation is always a concern.

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British Standard BS4142 Noise Assessments

The standard method for assessing the impact of plant noise is laid out in BS4142 and requires the measurement of the existing noise environment to be carried out over several days, then the proposed sources of noise assessed to demonstrate they will not cause noise levels to increase at nearby sensitive receptors. If it is found that an impact is likely, we work with others to specify acoustic attenuation to mitigate this. Often this will be in the form of louvres, in-line duct attenuation, barriers, and acoustic enclosures. We’re also well versed in the requirements of other British Standards such as BS5228, BS 5228 Part 1, and BS8233.

Acoustic Modelling & Noise Impact Assessments

When assessments are more complex, such as several new sources of noise or major changes in the noise environment, a noise mapping model is created which stimulates the propagation at the noise and allows us to predict the incident noise levels at nearby receptors and facades.

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Noise Impact Assessments for Entertainment Venues

The environmental assessment of entertainment noise is laid out in the NPPF however planning policy varies considerably across Local Authorities. We provide noise impact assessments for a wide range of cases and always ensure the local authority planning policy has been considered.

BREEAM Noise Surveys, Building Regulations & Section 61 Consent

In the case of new residential dwellings, it’s also required to demonstrate compliance with performance standards such as Building Regulations Approved Document E (ADE), and other schemes such as BREEAM, all of which we can help assist within providing guidance, testing, assessments, and surveys.

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Sound Testing and Modelling

At GS Acoustics we offer a whole range of sound tests, noise surveys, and more to a whole range of clients in a wide variety of industries, we have experience working with all of the following and more;

  • Industrial Noise Surveys
  • Industrial Noise Pollution
  • Section 61 Consent
  • BS 4142 Noise Assessments
  • Noise Impact Assessment
  • BREEAM Noise Surveys
  • Environmental Noise Surveys
  • Plant Installations
  • Noise & Vibration Surveys
  • Noise & Vibration Impact Assessments
  • Acoustic Testing and Compliance Surveys
  • Noise Assessments for Planning Applications
  • Acoustics for Planning
  • Noise Impact Assessments for Planning
  • Construction Noise Assessments and Vibration Monitoring
  • Pre-construction Noise & Vibration Assessments

We submit such reports for plant and entertainment noise on a weekly basis and have experience in all London boroughs and nationwide.

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bs4142 noise impact assessment
bs4142 noise impact assessment