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We have significant experience with Building Acoustics for many forms of buildings from new residential developments and construction sites to inner-city office buildings and office space. We conduct noise and sound surveys, tests, and assessments necessary for planning and compliance using our simulation, modelling, and sound calculation software tools in the hands of our acoustic consultants. Whether it’s architectural acoustic design advice, soundproofing consultancy accredited sound testing, remedial works, cladding design solutions or construction management plans we can advise, design, and consult on your project.

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Sound Insulation & Sound Proofing Consultancy

We regularly work with developers, architects, and planning authorities on noise control and soundproofing projects with stringent targets. We can provide guidance in line with many standards and regulations that need to be adhered to including British Standard BS 8233 which provides guidance on noise control inside and around buildings, British Standard BS5228 which is the code of practice for noise and vibration control on construction and open sites, and we are members of the Institute of Acoustics.

Office Building Acoustics and Office Acoustic Design

Working with developers, architects, and regulatory and planning authorities on existing and new office environments we help achieve noise reduction in line with client requirements as the acoustic and environmental consultant. We’re well versed in many standards and regulations that need to be adhered to including British Standard BS 8233 which provides guidance on noise control inside and around buildings and are members of the Institute of Acoustics.

Whether it’s an office environment or any other type of work, we provide everything from Noise At Work Assessments, Expert Witness, to full Acoustic Design through Advanced Modelling.

Sound Insulation Testing & Noise Monitoring For Buildings

We have experience working with many building types, with many different sound insulation requirements. Plant installations in commercial buildings, Places Of Worship, Entertainment and Licensed Premises, Theatres, Flats, and Individual homes are all buildings we have experience in providing sound insulation testing. Solutions such as soundproofing apartment walls, soundproof curtains, soundproofing floors, and specifying the correct soundproofing products for the specific acoustic requirements are what we do on a regular basis for our clients.

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Remedial Works and New Developments, Residential and Commercial Buildings

With the combination of Professional Planning Guidance (Propg) and British Standards for Acoustic Design such as BS8233 we’re able to apply our acoustic consulting experience to your project with the highest levels of regulatory & planning compliance, whilst applying current best practices to your project. Airborne sound insulation, ground source vibration isolation, reducing impact sound, overcoming flanking transmissions of sound (indirect sounds), or application of a specific solution such as resilient bars are all solutions we can advise on with a thorough understanding of your noise, sound, and acoustic design requirements.

Building Acoustics Acoustic Consulting Services London

What Are Building And Room Acoustics?

Building & Room acoustics, and the acoustics of buildings describe the way sound behaves inside a room based on sound sources also within the room. The way sound propagates, bounces off walls, and is absorbed and scattered by different materials all have to be considered.

Noises that are transmitted both directly and indirectly need to be taken into account during building acoustic design. Indirect sound transmission, or flanking noise is something that’s common in many situations and requires flanking design in combination with noise attenuation solutions for direct sound transmission.

The parameter most commonly used in room acoustics is reverberation time which describes the rate at which sound energy decays inside a room. The reverberation time can be designed through careful placement and area coverage of acoustically absorptive materials. Whilst usually determined through spreadsheet calculations, more complex room geometry and materials can be considered through computational acoustic modelling.

We have extensive knowledge of acoustically absorptive materials and proprietary products available on the market so can work with clients and other designers to achieve acoustic design targets without compromising the aesthetic of a space.

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Building Acoustics Acoustic Consulting Services London