CPD Awareness of Acoustics in Design

Based on excellent feedback from clients following auralisations who found the process to go beyond the objective parameters and truly demonstrate acoustics principles in laymans terms, we offer a CPD on an invitational basis.

Training and Development: Working With Acoustic Consultants

We have condensed every area of acoustic design encountered over the past 35 years applied to every sector we work in, to demonstrate to other designers and professionals in the building industry. Over a 1-2 hour session, we break down acoustics fundamentals from first principles and provide a crash course and training that will allow anyone working in the building industry to unlock a higher level of value from working with acoustic consultants. With the theatrical edge that we have a reputation for, we use our 3D sound studio to provide immersive audio examples of acoustics principles in practice.

If you are interested in attending personally or bringing your own practice, please contact us.

"..a fascinating and productive workshop... to sense a building I have designed acoustically before it has been built, and the session was most informative – and enjoyable!"

Adam Architecture