Long-Term Monitoring

Installed And Operated By Experienced Acoustic Consultants

Long-Term Noise & Vibration Monitoring For Industry, Construction & Entertainment Venues

There are occasions where the monitoring of noise on a long-term basis is required. These include construction works, assessing eligibility for secondary glazing and temporary rehousing, fulfilling terms of party wall agreements, and ongoing monitoring of entertainment noise from music venues. These are all applications we’re extremely familiar with as experienced Acoustic Consultants and Engineers working in London.

Long term monitoring of noise and sound levels

Extensive Range of Noise and Vibration Monitoring Equipment

Using our extensive range of noise monitors and loggers, we can carry out monitoring for any duration. If required as part of a construction party wall agreement, we can automate the sending of text or email alerts when approaching working limits and notifications to stop works and re-evaluate best working methods when limits are breached.

Whether it’s building services noise, industrial noise pollution, or construction noise assessments and vibration monitoring we have the equipment to suit the needs of the job.

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Ongoing Noise Monitoring and Surveys

Weekly or monthly noise and vibration monitoring reports can be provided along with noise & vibration surveys carried out at key milestones. Noise surveys and assessments can be carried out in line with a British Standard such as BS5228 or sustainability measures such as BREEAM using BREEAM noise surveys.

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