Noise Impact Assessments

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Long term monitoring of noise and sound levels

Installing new plant such as air conditioning units can cause a noise nuisance to the surrounding buildings

When a new plant is installed in residential or commercial buildings they introduce new sources of noise to the local environment. Examples of this are:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Supply and extract fans
  • Air handling units

A noise impact assessment is usually requested by the Local Authority to support planning applications. This evaluates the potential effect on surrounding noise-sensitive properties using British Standard BS4142:2014 which requires:

  • Measurement of the existing noise environment carried out over several days
  • Assessment of the proposed sources of noise
  • A report issued demonstrating they will meet the required standards at nearby sensitive neighbours and not cause any noise nuisance.
Building acoustics design and assessment services by Gillieron Scott Acoustic Design

Noise nuisance is mitigated through acoustic design, advice and on-site testing

To carry out a noise impact assessment we carry out the following steps:

  • Identify all noise-sensitive properties close to the proposed new plant
  • Carry out a long term unmanned environmental noise survey at positions equivalent to the nearest noise sensitive properties
  • Use acoustic monitoring kit consisting of a weather station, sound level meter and microphone to measure and evaluate the existing noise environment on the site such as road traffic, air traffic, trains, other mechanical noise in the surrounding area
  • Download and analyse the data captured to be used as part of the assessment
  • Review architectural plans and proposed mechanical layout, plant and associated noise data
  • Issue a technical report in a format suitable for the Local Authority detailing findings of the noise survey and outlining recommendations to mitigate noise from the proposed plant as required.

We’re an award-winning team and experts in noise

Established in 1984, we are one of the UK’s leading acoustic consultancies and have worked on a vast range of projects across the public and private sector.

We always seek out the most cost-effective solutions to meet design targets and satisfy the client’s aspirations – for example, recommendations are always written using standard building materials where possible to reduce costs and the need for specialist items.

We attend meetings and carry out site inspections ourselves to maintain acoustic quality – we do not leave the acoustic outcomes to other team members or contractors.

We use as many microphone positions as necessary for a full assessment.

If noise mitigation measures are necessary to meet the required standards, we work with all parties to ensure appropriate methods are employed. Often this will be in the form of louvres, in-line duct attenuation, barriers and acoustic enclosures.

Our Clients typically include property owners, private landlords, property management companies, project managers, architects and mechanical engineers.

We have worked with GSAD for over 25 years and they are our go-to for all acoustic matters, in particular, noise impact assessments to support planning applications. They provide an excellent efficient professional service and I can highly recommend them.

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Noise Impact Assessment