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We Have a Breadth and Depth of Experience

At Gillieron Scott Acoustic Design we have vast experience with Room Acoustics in many forms of buildings, rooms, and spaces and their acoustic design, simulation, modelling, assessment, and testing. Whether it’s acoustic design advice, sound testing for flats and residential developments, remedial works, full building acoustics, or noise at work assessment we have the answers you need

Office Acoustics and Office Acoustic Design

Working with architects, developers, regulatory and planning authorities on new and existing office environments we can help achieve optimal results as acoustic and environmental consultants. We’re well versed in many standards and regulations that need to be adhered to including BS 8233 which provides guidance on noise control inside and around buildings and are members of the Institute of Acoustics.

Acoustic Design and Noise Management for Gyms and Active Spaces

Environmental noise encroaching on spaces, or noise attenuation of sound generated within a space are both aspects of acoustic design, simulation, and advice we undertake on a regular basis. So whether you’re trying to soundproof a Gymnasium to prevent noise transmission to neighbours, or trying to isolate a space from Environmental noise we can perform the noise survey and advise on a noise reduction plan with remedial works or for new build Gym spaces.

Theatre Acoustics, Auditorium Acoustics & Entertainment Spaces

Whether through sophisticated acoustic modeling and simulation or a noise mapping exercise we can work to help optimise and improve the acoustics of a room or space, or unwanted flanking noise and flanking transmission for both airborne sound and vibration noise. We can work to specify a room acoustics treatment that will suit your desired acoustics of the space.

Acoustic Consultant For Places Of Worship GS Acoustic Design Consultants London

Acoustic Consulting for Places of Worship and Public Spaces

Our experience with Room Acoustics Consulting has covered a diverse range of projects from acoustic design for small spaces, to noise reduction for large public spaces and places of worship. Room acoustics and building acoustics are very closely related in this regard, regardless of the space, the source of the noise, or the desired outcome of noise reduction or audio optimisation we have acoustic consultants in our London office that can help you with your project.

Noise consultant for Leisure and hospitality sector GS Acoustics Design Consultant London

Remedial Works and New Developments, Residential and Commercial Buildings

With the combination of Professional Planning Guidance (Propg) and British Standards for Acoustic Design such as BS8233 we’re able to apply our acoustic consulting experience to your project with the highest levels of regulatory and planning compliance, whilst applying current best practices to your project. Airborne sound insulation, ground source vibration isolation, or application of a specific solution such as resilient bars or hangers are all solutions we can advise on with a thorough understanding of your noise, sound, and acoustic design requirements.

Conference room acoustics whether large space acoustics or small room acoustics are also undertaken from measuring room acoustics to room acoustics simulation and analysis for best room acoustics results, we can help you improve the acoustics in your buildings and spaces.

What Are Room Acoustics?

Room acoustics describes the way sound behaves inside a room based on sound sources also within the room. The way sound propagates, bounces off walls, and is absorbed and scattered by different materials all have to be considered.

The parameter most commonly used in room acoustics is reverberation time which describes the rate at which sound energy decays inside a room. The reverberation time can be designed through careful placement and area coverage of acoustically absorptive materials. Whilst usually determined through spreadsheet calculations, more complex room geometry and materials can be considered through computational 3D acoustic modelling.

We have extensive knowledge of acoustically absorptive materials and proprietary products available on the market so can work with clients and other designers to achieve acoustic design targets without compromising the aesthetic of a space.