We are members of the Institute of Acoustics and the Association of Noise Consultants, with accreditation to carry out acoustic site testing to British and Building Regulation Standards.

For pre-completion testing of new residential accommodation it is required to demonstrate compliance with performance standards such as Approved Document E (ADE) of the Building Regulations, and other schemes such as BREEAM.  Part E of the building regulations requires one set of tests (2 airborne wall, 2 airborne floor and 2 impact tests) for every 10 dwellings. i.e. 10% of constructions.

Airborne sound insulation is measured across walls and floors by creating noise and measuring the difference in sound level on either side of the separating element. Impact sound insulation is measured for floors by using a British Standard tapping machine and measuring the resulting noise level in the room below. Both of these methods also require the measurement of reverberation time and background noise in the receiving room.

Results are processed in our office and any snags or remedial works advised as a matter of urgency. The results are uploaded to the ANC ADvANCE web portal. We then issue a report suitable for submission to building control for approval.

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