Vibration assessments and measurement for planning

Vibration Assessments and Vibration Surveys

When a sensitive building is to be constructed near a source of vibration such as an overground and underground railway or construction sites, the ground-borne transmission of vibration must be considered by the Acoustic Engineer on the project. There are standards such as BS8233 which provide vibration guidelines for residential, educational, and commercial buildings. In some cases, this is invoked in local authority planning policy. Sustainability is always a consideration and we can also conduct BREEAM Noise Surveys as required.

Extensive Range of Noise and Vibration Monitoring Equipment

By conducting vibration surveys using accelerometers and analysing data using noise prediction methods we can determine the necessary level of vibration isolation required. This data is needed to ensure that noise levels on sites built close to sources of vibration meet the required standards. Solutions are often found using resilient constructions such as isolated buildings, sprung concrete slabs or resilient bars, wall and ceiling linings.
We’re well versed in a whole range of surveys and applications including;

Ongoing Noise Monitoring and Surveys

Weekly or monthly noise and vibration monitoring reports can be provided along with noise & vibration surveys carried out at key milestones. Noise surveys and assessments can be carried out in line with a British Standard such as BS5228 or sustainability measures such as BREEAM using BREEAM noise surveys.

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